Sci-Fi / Western

In the future, much of mankind is left to fend for itself on an Earth that can barely sustain life. Those left behind during the great exodus into space are now controlled by the UEA; a global corporation left to strip the planet of its last resource. Anyone that wasn't killed in the takeover, were forced into a labor system called "The Hours" or live life on the run.

Now the last survivors of a struggling rebel army awaut a legeng known only as GRAND. A great warrior that was created by a genius scientist before Miracle City fell to the UEA. A warrior that could battle the UEA's unstoppable mechanized army, and take back their home.



Cyberpunk Epic

In the near future, Earth as we know it has fallen prisoner to corrupt global corporations. Technology rules and those with the best toys wins. Now in the Seattle suburb Little India, two anti social punks and a child prodigy will steall the most prized possession of a powerful corporation. But what they come to find out is the corporations is also responsible for the creation. They were stolen off the streats as childeren, experiemtened on and then released for 'beta' testing with new memories, and no knowledge of who they were. At the same time, a group of ex-rangers turned outlaw bikers called The Munks, take on the same corporation in an epic war of the underdog. It will be up to the punks to pick a side and decide who they really are, instead of what they were created to be.